All Faiths and None

About the Report

All Faiths and None: A Guide to Protecting Religious Liberty for Everyone is a guidance memo for policymakers created by the Law, Rights and Religion Project in collaboration with Auburn Seminary.

The report posits that policymakers have lost sight of the meaning and purpose of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom, and offers guidance on what the incoming presidential administration must do to protect freedom of conscience for all, not merely for a favored few.

Its recommendations are organized around a set of guiding principles stating that religious liberty must be:

  1. neutral;
  2. noncoercive;
  3. nondiscriminatory;
  4. not absolute;
  5. democratic;
  6. pluralistic.

The report is accompanied by a Media Guide for journalists suggesting ways to think about and hone questions for policymakers and advocates claiming to protect religious liberty.